back Employee from Manutan France loading a truck with Covid products

2020, a year of solidarity for the Manutan group

25 November 2020

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the Manutan group has made many donations to healthcare professionals, institutions and humanitarian organisations, etc. These solidarity initiatives demonstrate the strong values upheld by the Group.


The healthcare sector at the heart of solidarity initiatives 

Since the beginning of the year, the healthcare sector has faced severe equipment shortages. This is why all the Group's subsidiaries have worked with EHPAD, hospitals and local administrative establishments by giving financial donations as well as items including thousands of surgical masks, gloves, personal protective equipment, shelving, etc.


Employees support the most disadvantaged 

Photos chocolate gifts made by of Manutan UK, NL and BeligumLast April, the employees of Manutan United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium made a charitable gesture towards the most disadvantaged people who were especially affected by the economic and social consequences of the health crisis. They donated their Easter chocolate to the food bank and local care homes.


Photo of Pichon Papeteries employees preparing gifts for UnicefThis solidarity action still continues today with the recent distribution of thousands of products to French and Lebanese children via UNICEF, Secours Populaire Français and Nation Initiative/Machrou’Watan, by Pichon, the subsidiary specialising in school supplies.

Through these actions, the Manutan group continues to illustrate its aim: “Entrepreneurship for a Better World”.