back photo taken on the filming of Smart@Work

SMART@WORK addresses the new challenges facing the supply chain

20 October 2021

Broadcast on the BSMART television channel, the programme SMART@WORK analyses the current challenges facing the supply chain: acceleration of technological investments, occupations in shortage, environmental problems, etc. All these fascinating subjects are addressed in Aurélie Planeix’s studio.


Three guests took part in the debate:

  • Grégoire Koudrine, Manutan Group Supply Chain Director
  • Franck Journo, BT Immo Group E-commerce Strategy & Urban Logistics Officer
  • Richard Viot Coster, CEO and Co-founder of Snext

Despite the tensions still present in global logistics chains, the three experts describe a frenetic race for delivery times.  For Grégoire Koudrine, this challenges involves not only delivering as quickly as possible to his customers, but above all keeping his delivery promise. In this dynamic, we can see an urban logistics phenomenon developing (having stocks near to cities). Frank Journo explained how the joint-venture Castignac (BT IMMO GROUP and Brookfield) plans to renovate stadiums to use the basements for logistics needs.

Customers also have more and more expectations in terms of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). In this respect, the Manutan group, for example, has invested in a machine that automatically adapts the size of cardboard boxes to the products they contain. This enables more packages to be loaded in lorries and reduces the number of lorries on the road.

After the health crisis that re-established the sector’s prestige, supply chain stakeholders are now turning to the future. They envision a circular supply chain that works in networks as well as robotised warehouses that improve quality of life at work.