New communication on a cyber attack

1 March 2021

As informed in our previous communication, the Manutan group has been the victim of a cyber attack by ransomware* which resulted in an intrusion into our IT systems. Despite the robustness of our existing security measures and the responsiveness of our teams to prevent the spread of the attack, the investigations conducted by the cybersecurity experts have confirmed that the hackers managed to steal some company data.

Although the investigations are ongoing, we wanted to inform all our stakeholders as quickly as possible, so that they can be vigilant and take the necessary protective measures.

Despite the extremely complex nature of these attacks, our experts were able to establish a list of impacted data, without being able to confirm at this stage that the list is complete.

In the opinion of our cybersecurity experts, the likelihood that this data could already have been exploited by the attackers to commit fraud is extremely low.

Nevertheless, aware of the many malicious ways this data can be used, we have recommended that our stakeholders remain highly vigilant, in particular when carrying out financial or accounting operations which would require them to modify any banking details.

Security in general is at the forefront of Manutan's priorities. Our operations will gradually restart in the coming days with strengthened security and controls in place.

Manutan teams remain at your disposal for any further information:



*Ransomware : ANSSI definition
A common attack technique of cybercrime, ransomware involves sending the victim a malicious software that encrypts all of their data and demands a ransom in exchange for the decryption password

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