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CSR in the spotlight on the latest episode of "SMART@WORK"

30 March 2021

The "SMART@WORK” programme, of which Manutan is a partner, airs fortnightly to explore the concept of ‘Well-working'. Broadcast on the BSMART television channel, the eleventh episode addressed the challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The programme, hosted by journalist Aurélie Planeix, welcomed three distinguished guests:

  • Julie Dang Tran, Managing Director of Manutan France
  • Sophie Chambon-Diallo, Managing Director of Chapter Zero France and Founding Director of Terra Matters Consulting
  • Jean-Philippe Sloves, Chief Corporate Communications and CSR Officer at La Redoute


On set, the guests discussed the challenges and the different stakeholders involved in CSR. How can you build your strategy around the most impactful projects? How can we combine performance and social responsibility? How can we raise awareness internally? What are the key indicators? These are all questions that the guests addressed.


As Sophie Chambon-Diallo points out: “Every company’s CSR has its [own] character, some have a more social focus, others are more environmental." The important thing is to involve the various stakeholders, while also contributing to the company's profits. Julie Dang Tran sees this as a real virtuous circle: “CSR feeds customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers will find something in the offer that resonates with them as they also have their own CSR aspirations.”


Finally, the guests all stressed the importance of embedding CSR policy across all levels of the company. "If we want CSR to be supported by the whole company, it is important to train staff and get people on board to ensure that everyone takes ownership of the related topics," concludes Julie Dang Tran.