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Jean-Christophe Gac, Manutan Group Purchasing and Sourcing Director, is interviewed by CPO Radio.Tv

5 May 2021

Every Wednesday, CPO Radio.Tv welcomes a Purchasing Director to its programme 'Guest of the week'. On 10 March, Jean-Christophe Gac, Manutan Group Purchasing and Sourcing Director, discussed his career and vision of the purchasing world on air.

In this broadcast, Jean-Christophe Gac tells us how he developed his true love of purchasing, and eventually reached the head of the Purchasing and Sourcing Department, within the Manutan group.  He refers in particular to the importance of building long-term relationships with stakeholders. "At Manutan, we establish close relationships and we commit over the long term. We have a history of between 12 and 14 years with our suppliers."

When asked to give an overview of the past year, he shares a positive insight: "2020 was a true accelerator. This enabled us to enhance the strategic role of business purchasing, and above all the importance of partnerships with our suppliers. Today, we must accelerate digitalisation and automation to put tasks without added value behind us."

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Through this interview, Jean-Christophe Gac recalls that the Manutan group invests in win-win partnerships, echoing its mission: “Entrepreneurship for a Better World”.

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