back Photo showing Antoine Compin and Elisa Duthil on a podium at the Growth Company Summit Gold Award

Sommet des Entreprises de Croissance: “Best company in the sector” trophy for Manutan!

25 November 2021

The 8th edition of the Sommet des Entreprises de Croissance, the awards for the fastest-growing companies, was held on Tuesday, 23 November. This event, arising from the union between the Grand Prix des Entreprises de Croissance and the G20 Strategy and Management Summit, brought together nearly 500 recognised directors and entrepreneurs. 

On this occasion, Manutan, the European leader in B2B e-commerce for companies and local authorities, won a prize. The company obtained the the Gold Trophy in the Distribution & Consumer Goods category. 

The Group essentially owes this prize to its strong involvement with all its stakeholders: clients, employees, suppliers, and partners. Expertise suitable for B2B requirements, a client-centric approach, and an emphasis on quality of life at work are all values at the heart of Manutan’s concerns.

Manutan endeavours to put into place an innovative economic model which uses digital technology to serve people’s needs, enabling it to grow exponentially and set itself apart to attract new talent. Its strengths can be found in the combination of Europe-wide influence, tailored expertise, and a close relationship with its clients, to whom the company now offers nearly 700,000 items that meet companies’ requirements.

This year was an exceptional year for Manutan, with the launch of two large-scale logistics projects representing a total investment of 50 million euros. Now more than ever, the Group would like to rely on a new IT architecture for the whole company and consolidate its Business Technology Department with the creation of 80 new jobs.

The Group really stood out this year thanks to its continuous growth and a turnover it hasn’t reached since it was founded. Beyond figures, this prize rewards a human ambition that aims to promote performance and a committed CSR policy.

“There are other growth indicators that are just as important as quantified figures: our clients’ satisfaction, our employees’ experience, the quality of the relationship with our partners, and our environmental and social commitments. Fantastic growth is growth that benefits our entire ecosystem.”Antoine Compin, Managing Director of Manutan France.