back Photo showing sixteen people all wearing pink October t-shirts

The autumn has started on a footing of solidarity at Manutan!

18 November 2021

Loyal to its social commitment, the Manutan group is committing to three causes that are important to it: breast cancer, mental health, and multiple sclerosis. Throughout Europe, employees have decided to take action and promote awareness and raise money for their causes..

Pink October in France

Employees at Casal, the subsidiary specialising in sports equipment, are contributing to the fight against breast cancer by taking part in a pink run. To give greater visibility to the ‘Pink October’ campaign, this initiative raises funds by donating €5 to the Ligue Contre le Cancer for each bib sold.

Manutan France is inviting its employees to support this cause through its internal sharing and referral platform named M’link. The latter can convert their points into donations and share photos of themselves with a pink touch. The French subsidiary has agreed to pay €10 for each photo posted. More than €2,600 has been raised, a record sum.

Mental Health Day in the United Kingdom

This has become an annual tradition, Manutan UK and Rapid Racking organised an event for World Mental Health Day on the 10th October. While employees are gradually coming back on site following the health crisis, it’s the ideal opportunity to raise their awareness of this public health issue. On the programme: fruit handouts, a themed quiz, creative workshop, and sharing information about the support available to them.

Mental Health Day in the United Kingdom

For three years, Manutan Holland has been a partner of MS Motion, an organisation that fights for a better life for people with multiple sclerosis. In this dynamic, the subsidiary hosted one of the runs organised by the association to raise funds in September. In total, no fewer than 335 people took part in the ‘MS Run’, collecting over €50,000!

These actions pay tribute to solidarity and sharing, values that are deeply embedded in the Manutan group’s DNA and company mission: ‘Entrepreneurship for a Better World’.