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The Group Transport Department: a team guided by continuous improvement…

25 May 2021

At Manutan, the Group Transport Department guarantees that products are delivered under optimal conditions, improving customer experience throughout Europe…

This dedicated team of around ten employees works across two scopes: 

  • In France, it manages delivery impediments* and the voluminous transport operations of the warehouses at the Gonesse headquarters.
  • On a Group scale, it fulfils three main roles in coordination with all the European subsidiaries:
    • Improving customer delivery performance with a transport offer adapted to their needs.
    • Optimising financial efficiency, in particular through contractual reviews and regular calls for tender.
    • Reducing operational risks by streamlining transport plans.

Portrait of Gabriel TellierGabriel Tellier, Group Transport Director, adds, "Continuous improvement is deeply anchored in the team’s mindset, both in our own organisation and our operational processes. In this dynamic, we work with different departments to listen to what customers have to say and enhance our delivery offer as well as with our carriers and innovative start-ups to improve our efficiency and flexibility."

This team plays a strategic role in the Supply Chain and in achieving the Manutan Group’s no. 1 customer commitment: “We always respect our promise to deliver.” Discover our job openings to bring your passion for logistics optimisation and innovation to life in a dynamic company.

*There is a delivery impediment when the merchandise reaching its destination cannot be handed over to the designated recipient