back Screenshot from the programme Décryptage with Stéphane Pedrazzi and Pierre-Emmanuel Saint-Esprit

Decarbonization, responsible offerings, new circular models, CSR in the spotlight on the BFM Business set

28 November 2023

On Thursday, November 16th, Manutan participated in the "Decryption" program hosted by journalist Stéphane Pedrazzi on BFM Business. On the set, Florian Mohand, Director of Energy Transition at Bolloré Energy, and Pierre-Emmanuel Saint-Esprit, Director of Circular Economy at the Manutan Group, discussed the current state and future prospects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

According to Pierre-Emmanuel Saint-Esprit, organizations have set themselves in motion: "Many companies have now established a carbon neutrality plan. They have started to act on their own emissions. But to fully achieve this objective, it is necessary to address the business models of companies. From this point of view, they are still in the testing phase."

While one might think that current geopolitical crises are slowing down this movement, it's quite the opposite! Florian Mohand is convinced that it has only accelerated companies' reflections, especially regarding transition and energy consumption.

For organizations, energy is a key lever to reduce their carbon emissions. To complement this approach, it is also important to take a closer look at the circular economy. It should be noted in this regard that nearly half of global greenhouse gas emissions are related to the extraction and transformation of natural resources. Therefore, promoting eco-design, buying eco-responsible products, or extending the lifespan of products are all initiatives with a significant positive impact.

However, succeeding in this ecological transition, especially a circular one, requires a profound change throughout the entire ecosystem. From manufacturers to end customers, everyone must engage in the transformation of our society.

At Manutan, we want to place the circular economy at the heart of our activity to contribute to this momentum and thus accompany our customers towards a more responsible model.