back Photo taken on the set of BSMART TV show, dedicated to performance and efficiency

SMART@WORK: performance and efficiency in the spotlight

21 January 2022

Aired on the television channel BSMART, the latest ‘SMART@WORK’ broadcast addresses two concepts that have been greatly put to the test since the beginning of the health crisis within companies: performance and efficiency.

Journalist Aurélie Planeix welcomes three guests to the studio:

  • Antoine Compin, Managing Director of Manutan France
  • Murielle Cagnat-Fisseux, Founder and Managing Director of Stella Partners
  • Jean-Jacques Gressier, Chief Executive Officer of the Académie du Service

Because performance is no longer limited to a merely economic dimension, the experts highlight the different types of performance observed in companies. Murielle Cagnat-Fisseux starts by including customer satisfaction: Commercial and financial performance are increasingly accompanied by customer performance and customer excellence, which are based on a company’s capacity to be commercially effective, as well as its capacity to delight its customers, generate customer satisfaction and finally keep the customer promise.” 

At Manutan, this notion of performance is extended by the monitoring of six key performance indicators. We have two somewhat economic indicators: turnover and profitability, as well as four other more qualitative indicators: the satisfaction of our ecosystem – customers, employees and suppliers – as well as the environmental and social impact of the company,” explains Antoine Compin.

To gain efficiency in terms of the operational, relational or social aspects, the guests emphasise the importance of giving meaning and creating a connection within the company. This reality is all the more significant in these times of crisis and uncertainty.

Finally, these different notions of performance are interconnected, making this a virtuous dynamic. The European leader in B2B e-commerce brings them together around one concept: ‘Well-working’, which promotes a balance between economic performance and the entire ecosystem’s fulfilment.