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Manutan shares its vision of the circular economy at ChangeNow

7 July 2023

The Manutan group attended ChangeNow, an international event that brings together the most innovative solutions and change-makers to tackle our planet’s biggest challenges. On this occasion, Pierre-Emmanuel Saint-Esprit, Circular Economy Director for the Manutan Group, shared his vision of this promising economic model at a conference alongside his peers.

Lovelda Vincenzi, the moderator, chaired this discussion about Companies Driving Change. 

To mark the occasion, she invited four experts to speak on the subject: 

  • Sebastien Nunes, CEO of ClimateSeed;
  • Elena Doms, Head of Earth Plus;
  • Jean-Philippe Bahuaud, CEO of The Future is Neutral;
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Saint-Esprit, Manutan Group Circular Economy Director.

Our speaker addressed his favourite topic: how to spread circularity throughout the company. He advised those wishing to initiate a circular approach to draw on existing training and tools, but above all to look at their business model from a new angle: “When you want to carry out a project within your company, you look at viability, customer demand, and finally feasibility. All you need to do is add circularity, which is the link with natural resources. Will I be using natural resources that are in sufficient supply? Will I be using something that won't disappear in a few years' time? Am I going to reduce CO2 emissions with this activity or am I going to make the problem worse?”

We were delighted to take part in the fascinating discussions at this flagship event. More than ever, we’re convinced that by opening up dialogue and inspiring each other we’ll continue our Entrepreneurship for a Better World.