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Manutan supports Care International

8 February 2022

Within the framework of its mission of "Entrepreneurship for a Better World", the Manutan Group regularly works alongside charities to help the most disadvantaged people. This year, the European leader in B2B e-commerce has converted its traditional greetings card into real solidarity action, in partnership with Care International

Manutan’s contacts were invited to view a Care International video through a 100% digital greetings card. For each view, the Group committed to paying a donation to the NGO.

For over a month, the employees worked hard to spread this initiative throughout Europe, by sharing the greetings card with their customers, partners and suppliers. Thanks to this great collective drive, the operation has been a success: with nearly 10,000 unique visitors, Manutan has donated €5,000 to Care International.

Syrine Karoui, Business Partnerships Manager at CARE France, says: “Many thanks to the Manutan Group for its generosity! These funds will help us carry out our mission: to help the most vulnerable populations come out of extreme poverty and to defend human rights.”

Manutan would like to warmly thank all the participants who have helped support and highlight this very worthy charitable cause! We wish you all a year full of generosity!

About Care International 
Care International is one of the largest humanitarian aid networks in the world, fighting poverty and injustice. In 2020, more than 92 million people benefited from programmes led by the NGO in 104 different countries.