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Manutan presents its products according to their environmental and social impacts

9 June 2022

As a major player in B2B e-commerce in Europe, the Manutan Group wants to commit towards more responsible consumption alongside its customers. This is why the distributor of equipment and supplies has developed a unique and innovative approach on its market to help companies choose their products according to their environmental and social impacts. This ‘impact’ approach to the offering has a twofold aim: to support customers better in their responsible procurement strategy while promoting suppliers that are committed to these issues. After a pilot phase launched in two product categories in March 2022, cleaning products and storage trays, this approach is being deployed across the whole offering.

A tested and approved approach

The ‘ impact’ approach to the offering consists of providing comprehensive information for each product based on verified proof (environmental labels, laboratory testing, or sworn statements) surrounding five environmental and social impacts:

  • Resource preservation: product designed using bio-sourced materials, concentrated formula, refillable product, etc.
  • Waste reduction: second-hand or reconditioned product, long-term use product, etc.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: reduced energy consumption in use, product encouraging responsible behaviour, etc. 
  • Users’ health and well-being: ergonomic product, use of toxic and hazardous substances limited in the product’s composition, etc.
  • Social inclusion: product made and designed with the involvement of establishments that promote integration, Fair Trade, etc.

A product can therefore be qualified as ‘responsible’ if it meets the criteria of at least one of these impacts, if it was not produced in an at-risk country, and if its supplier is a signatory of Manutan’s Ethical Charter.

How do you identify these responsible products?

In addition to the landing page which explains the whole approach, companies can view all the items that have a limited environmental and/or social impact:

  • On the navigation pages, a new filter has appeared to refine product searches by impact. 
  • On the product pages, each impact is listed with its detailed criteria and you can find our most committed suppliers’ CSR ambitions.

Through this information, the Manutan Group is enabling its customers to make an informed choice, suited to their CSR policy. This contributes to the development of its whole ecosystem by promoting more responsible consumption and production.