back Photo of a person browsing the IronmongeryDirect and ElectricalDirect e-commerce sites

IronmongeryDirect and ElectricalDirect launch their new e-commerce platforms

31 October 2022

IronmongeryDirect and ElectricalDirect, the subsidiaries that make up the Traders Division of the Manutan Group, launched their new e-commerce websites in the summer. The two English companies, specialists in the distribution of ironmongery products and electrical supplies, are now equipped with the most recent technologies to support an optimal customer experience.

Digital innovation is at the heart of the Manutan group’s strategy. As a frontrunner in this field, the European leader in B2B e-commerce endeavours to use digital technology to serve every person, to build tomorrow’s e-commerce. In this initiative, the two entities of the Traders division began this ambitious project.

Ellis Osborn, E-commerce Manager at IronmongeryDirect, highlights its main benefits: “Although our primary objective was to facilitate the development of new features, it also enables us to improve website speed, security and stability, supporting customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we’ve implemented new working methods that considerably improve transparency and agility within our teams. Overall, it positions us as a leader at the cutting edge of technology in our market.”

These new platforms are paving the way for other improvement projects. This is proof once more that at Manutan, we love to use technology to serve everyone.