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Long-tail spend barometer – Pharmaceutical industry

31 January 2023

While society, the economy, and healthcare systems are transforming, the pharmaceutical industry has been challenged over recent years. Although players saw their turnover grow during the pandemic, they have faced vulnerability in their supply chain. Added to this are strategic performance challenges, with one priority: reducing costs. In this context, Purchasing Departments have a major card to play by bringing their purchases under control, especially their long-tail spend.

Manutan, the European leader in B2B e-commerce specialising in the distribution of equipment for companies and local authorities, has looked at managing non-production purchases, also referred to as the long-tail spend or class-C purchases, for the pharmaceutical industry.

Some key information to retain from this study:

  • 41% of transactions are paperless 
  • The share of high-end products is predominant, at 35%
  • Low-value orders (< €100) account for 26% of the total volume
  • The two main sources of a lack of quality relate to the human factor and invoicing

Discover the long-tail spend barometer dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry

*based on the Savin’side® method