back Photo by Antonin Laurent, founder of the company LookUp

LookUp, winner of the ‘Moov’with Manutan’ programme

21 February 2023

A few months ago, the Manutan Group and its partner Moovjee (Movement for Young People and Student Entrepreneurs) launched a new edition of their ‘Moov’with Manutan’ programme. The aim of this initiative is to support innovative start-ups in the B2B sphere in developing their offering. LookUp a French circular economy start-up, is one of the winners of this 2022/2023 edition. Antonin Laurent, founder of the company, presents his project in a video. 


Founded over four years ago, LookUp set itself the task of designing, manufacturing and marketing ergonomic office accessories in an aim to limit the impact of new technologies on health and improve quality of life at work. The production is certified 100% local and circular

Antonin Laurent explains: “In concrete terms, we manufacture ergonomic laptop stands, desk blotters and computer sleeves from materials that we’ve found where they had no more value. We use industrial waste and material from recycling to make our products.  Our bestseller is the ergonomic laptop stand that we produce from two materials: either recovered solid wood furniture or plastic 100% recycled in France. All our solutions have been designed to have a positive impact on people and their health, with the lowest impact possible on our environment.” 

A member of the ‘Moov’with Manutan’ programme, the start-up based in Saint-Jean-de-Luz is receiving tailored support from three Manutan experts: Sandrine Cossard, Marketing and Communications Director in the Local Authorities Division, Grégoire Dorsemaine, Group Category Management Director, and Gabriel Tellier, Group Transport Director

As European leader in B2B e-commerce, the Manutan Group is delighted to support young generations of entrepreneurs who are committed to ‘Well-Working’ and protecting the environment.