back Photo of the Manutan warehouse in Gonesse with the delivery platforms

Manutan opts for Urby's shared delivery service for Paris and the Yvelines

13 January 2022

The European distributor of equipment and supplies for businesses and local authorities has entrusted Urby - a subsidiary of the La Poste Group and the Banque des Territoires - with the delivery of its orders weighing over 30 kg in Paris and the Yvelines department. Goal: to reduce its transport carbon footprint while guaranteeing a high level of customer satisfaction.

logo-urbyFor Manutan, keeping its delivery promise is as much a priority as protecting the environment. In order to reduce its carbon footprint while sticking to its service quality target of 97% for its customers, the European leader in BtoB e-commerce specialising in the distribution of equipment and supplies has chosen to entrust Urby with the delivery of its orders weighing over 30 kg in the French capital and the Yvelines department.

"Road transport is responsible for 33% of CO2 emissions. To reduce this impact and get ahead of the upcoming ban on polluting vehicles in the city centre, we wanted to set up a more ecological delivery service. This is in response to our customers' firm expectations," explains Gabriel Tellier, Transport Director of the Manutan Group.


Deliveries on D+1 in NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicles) carriers

The company, a La Poste Group and Banque des Territoires subsidiary, has been handling deliveries for the distributor since last October. When orders are received, Manutan prepares them (tables, shelves, lockers, etc.) at its 50,000 m2 logistics platform located in Gonesse, in the Val-d'Oise (France). Each day, between 4pm and 7.30pm, a shuttle bus transfers the goods to the Urby pooling centre in Le Blanc-Mesnil, 3 km from the Manutan warehouse. Urby receives the shipments and organises deliveries using an optimisation software that reduces the distances to be covered as much as possible. Orders are delivered on D+1 using natural gas (NGV) trucks, in line with Manutan's commitment to reduce its carbon emissions.

"With its logistics model and wide range of clean vehicles, Urby is a unique player in the market. It meets two important criteria set by Manutan: it overcomes the 30 kg parcel limit, and it has an industrial dimension. The fact that it belongs to the La Poste Group reinforced our decision," concludes Gabriel Tellier. "In addition, Urby has been working with Papeteries Pichon, another Manutan Group subsidiary, for the past three years. It also facilitated our contact and understanding of our strategic issues and business model." 

About Urby
Founded in 2018, Urby was established out of a desire to provide solutions that make cities more breathable and peaceful for their residents. A subsidiary of the La Poste Group and of the Banque des Territoires, Urby has a presence in 21 cities, including 19 major cities in France, and offers urban delivery and goods collection services (all formats), storage and collection of professional packaging (cardboard, plastic, wood, etc.). To achieve this, the Urby concept relies on two types of structures: 2,000 to 4,000 m2 collection centres located on the outskirts of cities, and 200 to 400 m2 Urban Logistics Spaces (ULS) in city centres. The former allow carriers, messengers, merchants and communities to free themselves from the first and last mile. For these players, Urby collects and stores goods and organises deliveries in dense urban areas with low-emission vehicles: electric vehicles, vehicles running on NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle or bio-NGV), cargo bicycles, etc. ELU offers solutions for local storage, order preparation, restocking between stores, and collection and delivery of products by appointment for retailers, craftsmen and distribution chains. For more information: