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In 2023, Manutan is supporting three causes for a Better World

7 February 2023

The Manutan Group has always pursued one ambition: Entrepreneurship for a Better World. To start this new year focusing on solidarity, the European leader in B2B e-commerce wanted to involve its whole ecosystem in a digital and charitable initiative. All those who received its greeting card were invited to support a cause that was close to their heart. With each click, the company made a donation to the charity selected.

The initiative was relayed on a large scale by the employees, generating nearly 4000 clicks. The Manutan Group was delighted to donate €10,000 to the three charities that had been preselected:

Earthwatch puts the population in contact with people and scientists from across the globe to carry out research and share key knowledge to protect the planet.
UNICEF defends the rights of children worldwide, responds to their essential needs and promotes their fulfilment. 
Care fights poverty and social injustice to bring about lasting change in the lives of the most vulnerable people.

By supporting the causes they hold dear, the participants championed the human and solidarity values that drive the Manutan Group every day. This collective effort is a wonderful way of engaging in Entreprising for a Better World.