back Photo of the venue for the Manutan customer morning

Manutan’s French subsidiary strengthens ties with medium-sized businesses

6 December 2022

On Tuesday 8 November, Manutan invited medium-sized businesses in the Lille region to a special event for discussion.  Organised as a breakfast at the heart of the city, the organisations were able to talk about their issues in an informal setting with their peers and the Manutan teams to identify new solutions for procurement departments.

Several companies came together for the occasion. Customers and prospective customers were able to discuss all their current challenges relating to the long-tail spend (also known as class C purchases): digitalising transactions, deploying master agreements, fit-out projects, streamlining the supplier portfolio, etc. 
These conversations culminated in real action plans, which were applied the following week by the Manutan teams. 
It was a quality event from which all the participants learnt a lot

Manutan is therefore strengthening its position as a local partner to organisations, in particular medium-sized businesses, offering them tailored support to optimise their long-tail spend