back Photo of the winners of the moow'with manutan programme and their sponsors

MOOV’WITH MANUTAN: For the third year in a row, the programme to support B2B start-ups is launching its call for applications

9 May 2023

Manutan, European leader in B2B e-commerce specialising in the distribution of equipment and supplies to companies and local authorities, is launching a new call for applications for its ‘Moov’with Manutan’ support programme, deployed in collaboration with its historic partner Moovjee (Movement for Young People and Student Entrepreneurs).

A growth opportunity for B2B start-ups

The ‘Moov’with Manutan’ innovation programme is intended to support start-ups in the B2B sphere in developing their offers through a network of business experts, taking advantage of a being hosted on the Manutan campus to boost their growth.

This initiative is aimed at young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 30 years who are members of Moovjee, want to develop in France and/or Europe, and own at least 20% of the shares in their start-up.

Start-ups must put forward a proposal that fits within the rationale of Manutan customers’ needs (development of services dedicated to companies, or innovative class C/indirect products) and offer strong CSR commitments.

Once the start-ups have been selected,  they can present their projects to a jury made up of Manutan employees, which will then vote for the three winning start-ups to be supported by the company from October 2023.

The Manutan ecosystem supporting start-ups

In 2022, the three winning start-ups convinced the jury with an innovative an sustainable proposal:

  • BYSCO: sells textile solutions made from mussel byssus that improve thermal insulation, acoustic comfort, fire protection, system reduction and surface resilience.


  • LIBU: provides the only lighting that improves employees’ health in companies. It is optimised lighting which follows the changes in biological rhythm over the day.


  • LookUp: designs, manufactures and markets eco-designed office accessories to improve the work environment.



Bysco, Libu and LookUp currently benefit from tailored support from a dedicated Manutan team  and discuss daily with employees who occupy key roles within the company,  to develop their activities (HR, finance, export, etc.). 

Another great success story is the winning start-up in 2021, MerciYanis, which has equipped the technical and maintenance services of Manutan’s premises with CO2 sensors. These sensors are now incorporated in the Group’s offering. 

Xavier Laurent, Director of Mergers and Acquisitions and programme sponsor, says: “We’re delighted to launch this third edition of Moov’with Manutan and support the new generation of entrepreneurs in developing their projects. Innovation is at the heart of our strategy and we’re constantly looking for innovative new proposals that are in line with our CSR beliefs.”

To join the Moov’with Manutan adventure, sign up HERE