back Manutan employees collect waste around their premises

At Manutan, April was dedicated to Earth

28 May 2024

On Monday, April 22nd, the world celebrated International Mother Earth Day. To mark this significant event, Manutan Group organised a series of activities throughout April to raise environmental awareness among its employees.


All subsidiaries came together to perform a major spring clean, both digitally and physically. Over several weeks, our employees sorted through their emails and files to free up as much storage space as possible. In parallel, volunteers took part in litter-picking operations on-site, in surrounding woods, and even on British beaches.


This event also provided an opportunity to practice circular economy principles. Pop-up shops appeared at Manutan France, the Czech Republic, and our UK subsidiaries. Everyone was encouraged to donate items (clothing, books, etc.) or food they no longer needed and to take something in return to extend its lifespan. Any items left unclaimed were donated to local charities such as Emmaus and Basildon Mind. Meanwhile, the Dutch subsidiary organised a large-scale collection of electronic devices to give them a second life.


Lastly, teams also reconnected with nature. At Casal Sport, employees participated in workshops to plant fruit bushes and herb gardens. At Manutan Collectivités, junior CSR project manager Floriane Hautbois organised an anti-waste workshop to share healthy, eco-friendly, and economical tips and recipes with colleagues.


These initiatives brought our teams together in support of a more sustainable planet, reflecting our mission to work towards a better world. To learn more about our actions and ambitions in sustainable development, check out our non-financial information statement.