back Group photo of people who participated to the Digital Accceleration Programme

Manutan accelerates its digital transformation to deliver an optimal user experience to its customers with Google

21 May 2024

In an ever-evolving e-commerce sector, where the expectations of businesses are more aligned than ever with those of individuals, Manutan, one of Europe's leading B2B distributors of equipment and supplies, is accelerating its digital transformation through Google's digital acceleration program.

As a Google partner, Manutan was selected to participate in a six-month European digital acceleration program conducted from March to June 2023. Through this program, Manutan worked on five key projects, the latest of which was deployed in March 2024: three dedicated to improving the customer experience and two related to data transformation. For the implementation of these five projects, Manutan is also supported by Accenture Song.

After a thorough audit co-led by Google, Manutan selected five particularly promising projects to accelerate the Group's digital transformation:

Three projects related to the customer experience on its e-commerce platforms will enable:

  • A smoother shopping experience with a wider choice of products through a redesign of landing pages: product pages will also feature alternative offers available in that product category.
  • A simplified customer account login journey for Manutan.
  • Improved website loading speed. An essential criterion, as it is estimated that an additional 0.5 seconds of page loading time can cause up to a 20% loss in traffic.

Two projects dedicated to data collection and analysis:

  • Implementation of a dashboard to track the performance of advertising investments to optimize the dedicated budget (particularly through real-time analysis of product performance and customer interest in them).
  • Reconciliation of Online-Offline data: Manutan estimates that 60% to 70% of its business is conducted offline. Faced with this lack of visibility into the customer journey, the challenge lies in improving the understanding of the omnichannel purchasing journey, which can span several days. By laying the foundations for reconciling online and offline data, Manutan is developing a more nuanced and relevant analysis of its customers' purchasing behavior.

According to Hanafi Chérif, Director of E-commerce at Manutan Group: "Thanks to participation in Google's digital acceleration program and a strategic collaboration with Accenture Song, Manutan will make a significant leap in the digital transformation of our model. Our capacity for innovation, boosted by the top-notch support of Google and Accenture Song, will soon enable us to offer our customers an optimal and unique shopping experience."