back Photo of Martin Besnier, co-founder of Holis and winner of the programme Moov'with Manutan

Holis, winner of the "Moov’with Manutan" programme

28 March 2024

In the context of the third edition of the "Moov’with Manutan" programme, which aims to support innovative BtoB start-ups in their development, we are pleased to introduce Martin Besnier, co-founder of Holis and winner of the programme.

Holis is a collaborative life cycle analysis and eco-design platform. By combining an intuitive interface with automation tools, this solution enables companies to design responsible products.

Martin explains, "Holis is a platform that allows companies to model their products, but more importantly, by collecting information from suppliers, to identify areas for improvement. Finally, the platform automatically generates compliant communication materials."

This accelerates the ecological transition of an entire ecosystem in an innovative way. In this regard, Holis is also certified as a Greentech Innovation.

As the winner of the Moov’with Manutan programme, founded by Manutan and Moovjee, the Parisian start-up benefits from personalised support from its sponsors at Manutan: Xavier Laurent, Director of Mergers & Acquisitions, Raffaele Mauro, Executive Director for the Southern Zone and International Business, and Guillaume Duval, Director of Data.

As you can see, this young company aims to help brands and their suppliers produce more sustainable products to promote responsible consumption. This is a great way to do business for a better world.

What is Life Cycle Analysis?

This environmental methodology involves examining the entire supply chain, from raw materials to end-of-life, and quantifying various indicators such as carbon and many others.