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In 2024, 15 of our subsidiaries will be "Great Place to Work" certified!

31 January 2024

Manutan has always placed the fulfilment and development of its employees at the heart of its corporate strategy. To assess their satisfaction at work, we ask them every year about their day-to-day experience through the Great Place to Work® survey. For this year's survey, no fewer than 15 subsidiaries have been awarded Great Place to Work certification. 

This is the first time in our history that so many of our subsidiaries have been certified: 

  • Manutan UK
  • Manutan Sweden
  • Manutan Poland
  • Manutan Hungary
  • Manutan Czech Republic
  • Manutan Belgium
  • Manutan Italy
  • Manutan Portugal
  • Manutan France
  • Kruizinga, specialist in the distribution of storage and transport equipment 
  • Rapid Racking, specialist in racking and storage solutions
  • Manutan Collectivités, specialist in equipment for local authorities, education and the medical-social sector
  • Pichon, specialist in the distribution of school supplies to schools
  • Casal Sport, specialist in sports equipment
  • IronmongeryDirect, specialist in the distribution of hardware products to craftsmen 

In addition to certifications, this survey also enables us to measure one of our key performance indicators: the "With Love Employee". This assesses our employees' overall day-to-day experience, and in particular their fit with our corporate culture

Based on the results, we identify priority areas for improvement and implement appropriate action plans. Our aim is to work hand in hand with our employees to create a better framework for their development.

It's an honor to once again be counted among the best companies to work for, alongside our peers! These results are the fruit of a clear strategy and continuous efforts to improve the employee experience. We're convinced that it's above all by taking care of our teams that we can make the world a better place.