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Manutan unveils its new private label: Manutan EXPERT

26 March 2024

The Manutan group, a leading European B2B e-commerce company, has recently launched its new private label, named “Manutan EXPERT”. This brand is being rolled out across all European subsidiaries of the Enterprise Division, as well as at Manutan Collectivités. It represents a strategic repositioning, consolidating our previous private labels “Manutan” for businesses and “M by Manutan Collectivités” for public entities.

Manutan EXPERT aims to meet the needs of all our clients, both public and private organisations, with an extensive range of professional products. This private label offers the best equipment at fair prices, all within a sustainable framework to help our clients enhance their impact. This is backed by a warranty of up to 10 years, products primarily made in Europe, and suppliers who adhere to our ethical charter, among other benefits.

Currently, this range comprises nearly 26,000 products*: 15,000 for public entities and 11,000 for businesses. These mainly include warehouse, workshop, and office equipment, both for indoor and outdoor settings.

"Our products are highly regarded because they perfectly meet our clients' needs: they stand out for their excellent value for money and offer a wide selection to outfit all workspaces. Additionally, we are committed to continuously offering increasingly sustainable options, which is vital for Manutan EXPERT to thrive and meet our market's expectations," says Grégoire Dorsemaine, Category Management Director at the Manutan group.

Did you know?

  • 98% of our clients are satisfied or very satisfied with our private label products**.

  • Our private label already boasts over 230,000 European customers***.

The Manutan group is determined to make this brand a market benchmark, embodying its commitment to quality, sustainability, and value for money.

*Number of Manutan EXPERT products published in total on the websites of the Enterprise Division and Manutan Collectivités as of 15th March 2024. The number of published products varies by subsidiary.

**Based on qualitative and quantitative studies conducted with 1,100 clients in 2023 regarding their perception of the private label and its products.

***Within the Enterprise Division.