Andras Sebok

Customer services manager
Manutan Hungary

The Manutan group promotes its employees’ development and skills improvement, in each of its European subsidiaries. Andras Sebok, manager of customer services at Manutan Hungary, is a perfect example of this philosophy, which above all prioritises people.

What has your journey at Manutan Hungary been like?

I joined the Hungarian subsidiary ten years ago as an intern in the customer back office. A few months later, I graduated and joined the sales team full-time. Over the years, my manager offered me a promotion as quotation team lead, then customer services manager. I also followed tailored managerial training courses, created by Manutan to take on these new responsibilities.

Today, there are around ten people in my team. Together, we want to help customers achieve their goals whether in terms of lead times, relevance or quality.

What do you like in the work environment?

At Manutan, the company culture can be felt instantly. From my first day, I felt at home, in a caring, family atmosphere. 

And I still feel this way! We always find the time to share festive occasions together (birthdays, end-of-year celebrations, financial results, etc.). There’s also true solidarity and a strong team spirit. We’re all very reliable and give unfaltering support to our colleagues.

Which values are particularly important to you?

I'm especially fond of “Human Relationships & Goodwill”. I feel that it’s vital to promote these two notions with our customers and our colleagues.
I also really like “Customers & Entrepreneurship”. I’m convinced that the best customer relationships create the best customers. It’s a reality we see at Manutan Hungary: we maintain excellent relations with our Key Account customers, and have done so for a long time.

What advice would you give to an applicant who would like to join the Manutan adventure?

You have to believe in yourself and stay open to development opportunities. When I joined the company, I was the youngest person there! Ten years later, I’ve discovered different departments and occupations, to finally reach a position of responsibility that I love.

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