Richard Potts

Sales and e-procurement analyst
Manutan United Kingdom

Richard Potts, sales and e-procurement analyst, tells us how he has had the opportunity to explore various occupations throughout his career at Manutan UK.

What has your journey been like at Manutan UK?

I've had several roles at Manutan UK. I joined the company in the sourcing department and since then, I've constantly explored new roles. I joined customer services, supply chain, then Business Intelligence/Master Data Management and the BPSA* project as data migration manager to finally reach my current job: sales and e-procurement analyst.

To be honest with you, I love solving problems. I can't stop identifying defective processes and trying to improve them - I can't help it! This is why I've often changed department. Each job has taught me a lot and enabled me to gradually gain an overview of the company's operation. These internal transfers are really rewarding.

What's your perspective on these transfers?

I'll soon be celebrating my 10th anniversary at Manutan UK and the time has just flown by! The reasons I like working here so much are especially my colleagues who have become true friends and the positive impact my work and achievements have on the company. This is what gives meaning to my everyday commitment. 

What advice would you give to an applicant on how to find fulfilment at Manutan?

I'd tell them to be themselves. I consider myself to be quite unique and a bit of a geek and I think this is what makes me an asset to Manutan. In this company, we cultivate individuality and we encourage everyone to develop, with their own personality.


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*BPSA: business process and information systems alignment