Thomas Scott

Customer services manager
Manutan Sweden

Within the Manutan Group, internal mobility is considered to be a wonderful growth driver. Thomas Scott, customer services manager at Manutan North (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark), tells us about his career from the warehouse to customer services management.

What has your journey at Manutan North been like?

I joined the Manutan Group in 1991, in the Nordic branch, whose headquarters are located in the charming coastal town of Mölndal, near Gothenburg. It was thanks to my uncle that I discovered this company in which I’ve built my whole career. I’ve had several lives in the organisation: firstly in logistics, then procurement and finally customer services (back office, quotes, product sourcing, etc.).

Throughout my career, my colleagues and managers have always supported me when I’ve changed role. Having recently become the customer services manager for all the Nordic subsidiaries, I think I have a managerial streak, which is what my former manager used to say as well. Outside the company, I’m also a football coach for adults, which shows how much I love guiding teams towards success!

What do you like in the work environment?

I’ve been at Manutan North for 31 years, which is a long time! I love working in this company where every day is different, and I feel supported every day. I also have caring colleagues, with whom I work in a good atmosphere. Under these conditions, I’m happy to work here until I retire! 

Which values are particularly important to you?

I’m very sensitive to performance and continuous improvement. My team and I work to on our operational efficiency. In my opinion, it’s important that everyone takes part in this group dynamic, because we’re all in the same boat.

For this, we regularly monitor our key performance indicators. It’s essential to ensure that we’re doing our work properly and reaching our targets.

What advice would you give to an applicant who would like to join the Manutan adventure?

I’d tell them to develop their curiosity! The Manutan Group offers many opportunities to its employees to develop in both personal and professional terms. It’s up to us to seize them if we want.

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