A social

Forming solid partnerships to promote the economic development of our regions as well as the inclusion of young and disadvantaged people promotes Enterprising for a Better World! 


We help face the economic challenges and support the partners in our regions through various associations, charities and company networks:

Representing the elected representatives in the Parisian region and contributing to regional dynamism.

Supporting the voice of municipalities which are well-established in rural regions to defend their specific causes.

Supporting B2B companies in their digital transformation.

Promoting, strengthening and recreating a social connection. Developing action and collective mobilisation for better social justice and to reduce inequality.

Placing medium-sized companies, which are long-term businesses and the champions of regional economies, at the heart of the country’s economic strategy.

Supporting all the business creators, buyers and developers who create or maintain a large number of jobs, across the region.

Developing and contributing towards the digital transformation of B2C and B2B commerce.

Organising sports and promoting community life in schools.


To support young people from all backgrounds in building their careers, we are involved with:

An engineering school positioned as one of the largest French technological research centres.

Offering support to business creators or buyers aged 18 to 30 to develop their business.

School focusing on practical teaching for pupils aged 12 to 18 years.

Promoting the social and professional integration of young people through sport.

Helping the most disadvantaged

Whether via long-term or one-off partnerships, initiated by Manutan or by employees, solidarity initiatives are part of our everyday life:

Supporting people with learning disabilities.

Supporting medical research and improving the lives of the sick until they recover.

Supporting projects to guarantee a safe, secure and happy childhood for every child in the United Kingdom.

Supporting research into heart and circulatory disease.

Fighting poverty in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Fighting social exclusion.

Creating positive and sustainable change in children’s lives.

Enabling each child to start their life with the greatest opportunity for development and fulfilment.