back Photo taken on the set of Smart@Work TV show

The BSMART channel invites Manutan for a 6th 'SMART@WORK' broadcast

3 December 2020

For this broadcast, two guests spoke alongside the journalist and programme presenter, Aurélie Planeix, with Julie Dang Trang

  • Céline Forest, member of the management board and Head of User Experience in the French Inter-ministerial Directorate for Public Transformation and author of the book 'L'Expérience Clients, la revanche du BtoB' (Customer Experience, the B2B comeback).
  • Pierre Daems, Chairman of Aube Conseil, a strategy and customer experience management consultancy, and member of Company Doctors, a network of independent consultants. The latter took part remotely due to the health crisis.

The guests debated a notion that has drawn growing interest in B2B: customer-centricity. Together, they addressed methods to make it take root in companies' everyday life and the benefits in terms of employee engagement and overall performance. 

This theme echoes our common culture and one of Manutan's founding values in particular: "[...] companies that last make their customers happy".