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Manutan France signs the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter

6 December 2021

In October, Manutan France signed the ‘Responsible Supplier Relations’ charter co-drafted by the French National Procurement Council (CNA – Conseil National des Achats) and the French B2B Mediation Department (Médiateur des Entreprises). Through this ambitious document, the European leader in B2B e-commerce is taking part in a progress strategy in its relations with suppliers, through ten commitments for responsible purchasing.

For many years, the Manutan group has followed multiple initiatives to build a ‘win-win’ partnership with its supplier network. This is multifaceted: listening and measuring supplier satisfaction via a dedicated indicator: ‘With Love Suppliers’, organising special moments for discussion, implementing anti-corruption measures, creating a department dedicated to the sustainable development of the offer and supply chain at Group level, etc.

Recently awarded a silver medal within the framework of the EcoVadis certification, the French subsidiary marks an additional commitment in this direction by signing this charter. This is based on the commitments below: 

  1. Ensuring a responsible financial relationship with suppliers
  2. Maintaining a respectful relationship with all suppliers that is conducive to the development of collaborative relationships
  3. Identifying and managing reciprocal situations of dependence with suppliers
  4. Involving signatory organisations in their sector
  5. Appraising all the costs and impacts of the life cycle
  6. Incorporating environmental and social responsibility issues
  7. Overseeing the regional responsibility of one’s organisation
  8. Professionalism and ethics of the purchasing department
  9. A purchasing department in charge of managing the supplier relationship overall
  10. A ‘supplier relations’ mediator role, in charge of facilitating the company’s internal and external relations

Find out more about the Supplier Relations and Responsible Purchasing Charter

“In addition to signing this charter, we are supporting and training our buyers because our business line has changed greatly. We’ve gone from a purely economic framework to incorporating risk management and taking CSR into account in our everyday relationship with our suppliers,” declares Jean-Christophe Gac, Manutan group purchasing and sourcing director.

In line with its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, the Manutan group is sending a strong signal to its stakeholders in favour of fair and lasting relationships.