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Manutan rewards its employees for their achievements

10 August 2021

The Manutan group’s Scandinavian subsidiaries (Manutan Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) hold a plenary session twice a month to discuss the company’s news with all its employees. At each session, two people who embody the company’s shared culture in their daily actions are highlighted before the audience. This inspiring initiative rewards the lifeblood of the European leader in B2B e-commerce.

Each month, a committee meets to select the key phrases of our shared culture which will be emphasised in the next plenary sessions and the employees who illustrate them the best.

The six key phrases of our shared culture

  • At Manutan, we define commitments and make every effort to meet them through our actions and initiatives.
  • At Manutan, we keep things simple and solve problems immediately.
  • At Manutan, we learn, share and constantly make progress.
  • At Manutan, we are warm and open, we listen and we speak to each other as equals.
  • At Manutan, we know how to recognise our strengths, laugh at ourselves and celebrate our victories.
  • At Manutan, we know that companies that last make their customers happy.

In one of the most recent summer sessions, Caroline Van De Velde, warehouse manager for the Scandinavian countries, and Mats Johansson, office-based salesperson for Ikaros Sweden, were chosen for their positive attitude every day. Each reminds us in their own way that “At Manutan, we know how to recognise our strengths, laugh at ourselves and celebrate our victories."
Alice Hanson, Nordic offices administrator, explained the reasons to the audience: “Caroline is wholeheartedly dedicated to everything she undertakes. She cares about others and celebrates small and large successes, always keeping a positive mindset despite the challenges. And Mats always approaches change with a positive attitude. He also knows how to reassure his customers and colleagues with his good humour and willingness to find solutions.”
This approach emphasises the extent to which the company’s shared culture is embodied every day in each person’s mindset. At Manutan, we also draw inspiration from one another to accomplish our company mission: “Entrepreneurship for a Better World”.