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What is the second life for professional furniture? Discover the latest guide from Manutan Collectivities

3 June 2021

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Manutan Collectivités is committed to ensuring the sustainability of office furniture, to reduce the impact of the business line on the environment. In this dynamic, the company is publishing its latest guide about circular economy for local authorities as well as schools and medical and social organisations.

This guide aims to support organisations in their circular economy approach, applied to furniture. It addresses the current situation and regulatory requirements as well as the concrete solutions to offer a second life to your furniture, either through buying and selling second-hand, reuse, upcycling or recycling.

Portrait of Philippe MallardPhilippe Mallard, Managing Director of Manutan Collectivité, adds:
"With great humility we have decided to invest in this new field. Although our activity is already consistent with several foundations of the circular economy (including French manufacture - 80% of our furniture - and a quality commitment synonymous with long-term use), giving a furniture a second life involves us learning from specialist partners who are true experts in the area, the first of which is the eco-organisation Valdelia. Given the breadth of the challenges to be met on a global scale, ramping up circularity that is able to increase the sustainability of furniture is no doubt a tiny advancement. But our responsibility is to play an active part and become facilitators in this meaningful approach. Our strategy is therefore to take small steps, collectively enabling us to achieve the decisive progress the next generations need us to make.

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Through this value-added content, Manutan Collectivités is spreading its ambition for the life cycle of its products, echoing the Manutan group's mission: entrepreneurship for a Better World.