back Photo of Cécile Roche, Aurélie Planeix, Olivier Cornut and Fabrice Gicquere on the BSMART set.

SMART@WORK explores ‘Lean Management’

17 February 2022

Aired on the BSMART channel, news media dedicated to economic, social, and environmental value creation for businesses, the latest SMART@WORK programme takes a look at ‘Lean Management’.  Journalist and presenter Aurélie Planeix welcomed three experts to explore this notion and its concrete application in companies.

These were the participants: 

  • Olivier Cornut, Co-founder of Cubik Partners
  • Cécile Roche, Lean and Agile Director at Thales, author of several books on the topic and member of the Institut Lean France
  • Fabrice Gicquère, Customer Relationship Director in charge of Projects, Methods and Training at Manutan France

Olivier Cornut began by sharing his definition of this notion that is little understood by the public: Lean is a set of managerial techniques and above all a philosophy that has been developed gradually over time […] so as to improve companies’ sustainable performance.”

Today, this approach is based on two main drivers: team management and tools. The experts agreed on the manager’s key role and the importance for them of going into the field. By raising awareness, making teams take responsibility and, providing them with effective tools to visualise problems, a real paradigm shift takes place. Cécile Roche emphasised: “Lean’s objective is to ensure that everyone in the company learns to solve problems.” 

Customer satisfaction also remains the guiding thread in this approach. Fabrice Gicquere specified that, at Manutan, we place the customer at the heart of our concerns and decisions. He also reiterated the importance of “ensuring that our performance reflects the reality experienced by customers in terms of satisfaction.”

In a constantly changing world, Lean involves establishing a real culture of continuous improvement at all company levels, to always challenge ourselves and progress.