back Photo of an employee in a Manutan warehouse

Manutan launches a bespoke group project to improve the experience of its warehouse staff

6 November 2023

The Group is implementing specific actions to meet the needs expressed on the ground by the 450 employees of its ten logistics warehouses in Europe.

At a time when the working environment is being redefined, marked by the exponential growth in teleworking, Manutan, a B2B e-tailer committed to transforming the sector following a model that combines the human and digital, wants to guarantee a unique, high-quality employee experience for all its teams, whatever their profession

“After developing the working environment for office-based workers by proposing a charter providing for 8 days’ attendance per month on site, we set about improving the environment and conditions for teams whose work requires them to be on site exclusively”, says Valérie Benoit, Director of People Development for the Manutan Group.

Manutan is therefore launching a major project to improve the satisfaction of its 450 warehouse staff (20% of the workforce on fixed-term and permanent contracts), through a collective approach and specific initiatives. 

“Through our annual internal survey, we found that the satisfaction of our logistics teams was on average ten points lower than that of other employees. The stakes are high, which is why we have incorporated this project in the Manutan Group’s overall strategy," continues Valérie Benoit.

A collective approach to improving the employee experience

To improve employee satisfaction in its warehouses, Manutan has introduced a collective approach across the Group’s ten warehouses. The aim of this approach is to resolve the main irritants reported from the field

Based on the feedback received, identified two common areas for improvement have been identified which will be addressed this year: improve safety and training.

In addition to these actions taken at Group level, each warehouse has also prioritised two specific areas for improvement and has drawn up a dedicated action plan. This concerns the organisation of work, managerial skills, the working environment and equipment, cross-departmental cooperation and recognition and fairness. Whatever the subject, it is carried out in consultation with employees through working groups. The impact of all these actions on employee satisfaction will be measured next December via a survey conducted each year by Manutan.  

Valérie Benoit confirms: This project aims to guarantee a unique and fulfilling employee experience, shared by all, including within our warehouses, by listening to the expectations on the ground and involving operational staff in defining and implementing action plans.” She adds: “Greater employee satisfaction helps to improve employee commitment, while at the same time being a source of performance.”

The employee experience at the heart of Manutan’s strategy

Manutan is constantly proposing new initiatives to its employees so that they can continue to learn, share and progress, while at the same time fulfilling their potential within the company.

In addition to the co-construction process put in place as part of this project, Manutan favours a hybrid management model and promotes a feedback culture. The company also offers its employees a wide range of training courses through its Learning policy and programmes run by its University.

For Manutan, making a difference on a large scale is based on specific, targeted actions carried out by employees.