back Photo of Manutan's concierge service

Discover the Manutan campus concierge service!

26 July 2023

The sixth and final episode of our video mini-series takes you on a tour of our European campus in Gonesse, in Val d'Oise. This time, Swan Simion, Security Engineer, presents the wide range of solutions offered by our concierge service.

After a full tour of the logistics centre, the workspaces, the Canteen, the University and the Sports Centre, the visit ends on a high note with our corporate concierge service.

Located at the entrance to the office building, this area has been created to make life easier for employees on site. It offers a full range of services: dry cleaning, shoe repair, locksmithing, vehicle maintenance and repair, receipt and dispatch of personal mail and parcels, hairdressing, osteopathy, manicure and pedicure... Not to mention the grocery shop with home-made snacks from our Canteen! As you can see, there’s something for everyone.

You don’t yet know the Manutan concierge service, but you're going to love it! Explore our whole campus on our virtual tour