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Manutan reviews its waste recycling

2 May 2023

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we want to reduce our waste and optimise its recycling. To do so, we’ve formed a partnership with Paprec, French recycling leader, to deploy an efficient and sustainable waste management model. See the summary of our actions in 2022 in the infographic. 

With Paprec’s help, we monitor our waste flows each year to analyse the areas for improvement in terms of reduction, recycling and reuse.  

Last year, we recycled hundreds of tonnes of wood, scrap metal, paper, cardboard and polyethylene film. This represents a significant reduction in the use of water, trees, carbon dioxide and oil. Some of the waste was also transformed into new materials, in particular recycled paper and cardboard.

By recycling our waste, we want to incorporate the circular economy in our operations and strive for a better planet. This strong commitment is part of our company mission: ‘Entrepreneurship for a Better World’.