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At Manutan, we love Customers & Entrepreneurship

25 January 2022

For the Manutan group, customer satisfaction and the spirit of entrepreneurship are deeply anchored in the company’s history and strategy. The European leader in B2B e-commerce explains how these values inspire it every day through its employees’ video testimonies.

At Manutan, we love:

  • Innovate and care for our customers
  • Explore new opportunities
  • Challenge ourselves to go faster and further!

Customer centricity and an entrepreneurial spirit have always been real drivers in the company’s transformation. Manutan is constantly reinventing itself through ambitious projects led by employees to provide relevant solutions for its customers.
“We have this possibility, in-house, at Manutan, to put forward projects, which enables this spirit of entrepreneurship to run free,” comments Paul Dariosecq, buyer for the Manutan group.

Xavier Guichard, Manutan Group Chief Executive Officer: “Over the years, the company has maintained a close relationship with its customers as part of its DNA. From selecting products to delivery, advice, and additional services, we make each contact a unique occasion.

This recurring theme is instilled in all the company’s services by, for example, implementing personalised support for corporations to optimise class C purchases (our Savin’side® method), promoting the concept of “Well-working” that combines performance and fulfilment within the company, launching a programme to support innovative B2B start-ups entitled Moov’with Manutan”, regularly monitoring our three customer commitments, etc.

Through this entrepreneurial commitment, Manutan is building a sustainable B2B model in which each person can develop and progress. Find out more about our shared culture